A Sales Kit will prepare you for any sales situation, making your offering attractive and the sales process fruitful.

This is how it works

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Identifying your sales goals and target audience. Assessment of your existing Sales Kit, its strengths and challenges.

Situation Research

Analysing industry trends and development. Defining standards and best practices of sales kits.

Essential Materials

Preparing a fundamental set of essentials for your Sales Kit. Including sales presentation and brand video among other elements.

Additional Materials

Preparing additional materials that will elaborate your sales pitch. Including case videos and product catalogues among other elements.


We provide you with an invincible Sales Kit, all the necessary tools and training to make your sales process bulletproof.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Sales Kit?

Sales Kit is a collection of marketing materials and tools designed to support your sales team in their efforts to promote and sell your products or services. It typically includes product catalogues, brand videos, sales presentations, and marketing pitches.


What Is the purpose of a sales presentation in a Sales Kit?

A sales presentation is a dynamic tool that your sales team can use to engage with prospects and convey your product or service's key selling points. It helps structure the sales conversation and persuade potential customers.


Why include a brand video in a Sales Kit?

A brand video is a powerful tool for conveying your brand's story and message. It can create an emotional connection with potential customers and effectively communicate your brand's value proposition. Including a brand video in your Sales Kit creates a strong impression.


How can product catalogues enhance a Sales Kit?

Product catalogues are a valuable component of a Sales Kit as they provide detailed information about your offerings. They help salespeople showcase your products, highlight features and benefits, and assist customers in making informed purchasing decisions.
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