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Defining your pricing policy goals and targets, identifying the biggest challenges.

Market Research

Analysing competitors and their pricing strategy and pricing communication in your target markets.

Situation Analysis

Analysing the market conditions. Assessing your product/service positioning and pricing relation.

Pricing Strategy

Developing an optimal and dynamic multi-level Pricing Strategy that aligns with your brand and business goals.

Strategy Execution

We provide you with a detailed Pricing Strategy and the necessary tools and training for its successful adaptation.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Pricing Strategy?

A Pricing Strategy is a structured approach to setting the price of a product or service. It involves considering various factors, such as costs, competition, market demand, and value to the customer, to determine the most appropriate pricing model.


How is Pricing Strategy related to branding and marketing?

Pricing Strategy is directly related to the brand image, as it reflects the product or service value and status. Developing a pricing policy requires aligning price communication.


How does reforming pricing policy benefit my business?

Getting a new Pricing Strategy enables to optimise pricing to maximise profitability and meet customer expectations. This allows you to increase revenues while maintaining or increasing competitiveness.


What does Pricing Strategy include?

Pricing Strategy includes pricing policy guidelines and principles that you should follow when setting prices for your products or services. It defines how prices should be determined, whether they should be competitive, premium, cost-based, value-based, or another approach. Pricing Strategy covers pricing models, discount structures, and dynamic pricing strategies.
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