Employer Brand

For establishing the status of a desirable employer, attracting top talent, increasing employee satisfaction and decreasing employee turnover.

This is how it works

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Assessing your current employer branding perception. Identifying goals and challenges.

Market Research

Analysing competitors’ employer branding activity. Looking for market trends and best practices.

Situation Analysis

Getting to know your employee profile characteristics. Formulating insights that enable us to develop a strategy that resonates with your potential employees.

Employer Brand Strategy

Combining your employer value proposition with insights to deliver a strong Employer Brand Strategy that is in alignment with your Umbrella Brand Strategy.

Strategy Execution

We provide you with a thorough Employer Brand Strategy, all the necessary tools and training for attracting the top talent in your industry.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is employer branding?

Employer branding is the practice of actively promoting and managing the reputation and image of an organization as an employer.


What is an Employer Brand Strategy?

An employer brand strategy is a comprehensive plan that outlines how a company aims to attract, engage, and retain top talent. It focuses on defining the unique identity and communicating the value proposition of the organisation as an employer to its employees and potential job seekers.


How does an Employer Brand Strategy benefit my organisation?

Employer Brand Strategy encompasses various elements, such as culture, values, and messaging, to shape the perception of the organisation in the job market. It can attract top talent, reduce recruitment costs, and improve employee retention.


I am a good employer. Why do I need a separate strategy for that?

Being a good employer might not be enough for attracting new employees. All the values within the company and the benefits of you as an employer can be highlighted and communicated in way that captures attention and induces interest.
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