Customer Segmentation helps you understand and prioritise your target audience, so you can reach them effectively and convert them into clients.

This is how it works

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Establishing a clear understanding of your current Customer Segmentation principles, challenges and goals.

Market Research

Identifying industry standards and best practices. Researching the potential client profile in your desired target markets.

Situation Analysis

Conducting a thorough analysis of the gathered data to determine the best way to segment and prioritise your audience.

Customer Segmentation

Preparing a strategic Customer Segmentation that will enable you to target both B2C and B2B clients more efficiently.

Strategy Execution

We provide you with a clear Customer Segmentation, the necessary tools and training for its successful implementation.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Customer Segmentation?

Customer segmentation is the process of dividing your customer base into distinct groups based on shared characteristics, behaviours, or demographics. This enables businesses to tailor their marketing and communication strategies to better target and serve these specific groups.


Why segment the customers if I could just target everybody?

Targeting everybody results in being liked by nobody. There will be no clear focus, making the marketing efforts wasteful and brand image across different channels chaotic. Specialised marketing for each segment is valuable, as it enables tailored messages and offers that resonate, improving customer engagement and conversions.


How does Customer Segmentation benefit my business?

Customer segmentation helps you understand your audience better. It improves marketing effectiveness by allowing you to deliver highly relevant and personalised messages to each segment. It leads to improved customer engagement, higher conversion rates, and a more efficient use of marketing resources.


When do I need to segment my customers?

Conducting a Customer Segmentation process is beneficial if your audience engagement and conversions aren't effective, despite continuous marketing and communication efforts and you can't seem to find a mutual language with your customers.
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