Brand Design

Detailed brand design guidelines to establish a strong and memorable presence for your brand.

This is how it works

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Auditing your current brand design, identifying the challenges and goals that you have regarding brand design definition.


Getting a comprehensive view of the brand design industry standards and best practices in the market that you operate in.

Design Analysis

Conducting a thorough analysis of the best practises of brand design and brand identities in your business category.

Brand Design

Combining the analysis of research findings with our expertise to create a brand visual identity that represents your company and helps to beat competition. We define the design concept, art direction and brand design elements.

Design Execution

We provide you with detailed and adaptable guidelines for all brand material creation, examples of the brand design principles in use and team training for the implementation.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Brand Design Definition?

Brand Design Definition is a set of guidelines that combine visual elements like logo, typography, graphic elements, brand colours, layouts and art direction.


How does a corporate visual identity contribute to the brand presence?

Following the brand identity design guidelines enables the creation of a consistent and recognisable image, making your brand stand out and connect with customers. Brand identity is a strong tool for shaping the brand perception.


How can Brand Design Definition benefit my business?

Brand Design Definition guidelines help to ensure cohesiveness on all channels and brand materials, making your brand more recognisable and boosting sales. Following guidelines also makes the process of creating brand materials and visuals easier and smoother, reducing future marketing costs.


I already have a marketing department that can create designs. Why do I need this service from you?

As an agency with extensive experience, tools and knowledge of the best practices, we create designs that stand out and are truly unique. We approach the Brand Design Definition by combining strategy and creativity.
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